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                           Independence Day

     Independence Day (the 4th of July), is without any doubt the most important day in the lives of so many Americans. Independence Day is The United States birthday. We have so much to be thankful for, and we should celebrate our birthday loudly and strongly.

      But, we should also pause and remember how this country became so wonderful. The many thousands of men and women who so gallantly fought in so many wars to make the United States of America the land of the free. We are the land of the free because of the brave men and women who sacrificed for all of us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA!!

  Dear Vietnam Veteran,
     I know I should have written much sooner.
     I can`t say why I did not. Out of fear of admitting to myself, you were there, fighting a war, or maybe ashamed. Ashamed that I never accepted the things you felt you had to do.
     Whatever it is, I know it must hurt.
     Believe me when I say it hurts me more. I have the burden of your hurt plus that of my own. The pain of not being able to share my true feelings towards you.
     I am not writing this for the months you served in Vietnam, but for the many years, you were left alone with only your brother veterans. You served proudly and it went unmentioned.
     For a long time, I`ve wanted to hold you during your times of pain.
     God knows I wanted to.
     And only He knows why I never found the courage. I do not remember what I use to say; maybe I do not want to remember.
     All I know is I hope it is not to late to give you these things now.
     For years you tried to be part of my world. Doing everything to please me, just to be noticed and given a little time and understanding...
     I look back and see the demands I placed on your shoulders when you were young. "Fight your weakness, and always show strength to others around you."
     Who was I to make such a demand?
     I sit here with tears in my heart; finally admitting to myself the one weakness you must have seen in me and never questioned.
     My inability to say the words that I know would have meant so much to you.
     You served your country honorably.
     Please hear these words now, from my heart. Please give me a chance to be part of your world now. The world I should have been part of long ago.

       Love, America

                   The Vietnam Veteran

     We went to war because our country called us, it was our heritage, our duty, our honor, our love of country.